Trident was elected as a Co-Chair in late 2023 and has been involved in Rugby League as a player, coach and administrator for many years with strong whanau connection to the game at elite levels. As the key club figure of Wairoa Bulls, Trident adds  significant grass roots value to rugby league across the rohe.



Aaron is an independent appointee to the RLN Board and is currently co-chair. Raised in Whangarei, he is a passionate Northlander and proud Kiwi. With extensive leadership experience, Aaron focuses on adding value to people and organisations. Understanding team dynamics and strategic thinking allows him to contribute effectively across various aspects of an organisation.


Elected Board Member

As a club elected director Dylan has many years of experience in rugby league as a Northland Batercard Cup representative from the early 2000’s. He is a key stakeholder at the Morewa Tigers, one of Northlands most successful clubs. Dylan is a small business owner and well respected member of the community.


Kath is a descendant of Te Hikutu, Te Mahurehure, Ngāti Tahu me Ngāti Whaoa Hapu. Born and raised in Mangere South Auckland she returned home to lead the strategic thinking and innovation practice as Manager for the Healthy Families Far North team and Co-Chair of Sport Northland.

Kath utilizes social innovation practices to encourage active collaboration across different sectors and levels of the system to affect meaningful social change, ensuring whānau are at the table to design powerful alternatives to the status-quo. Representing New Zealand in several sports Kath is passionate about Rugby League and is a former Kiwi Fern, NRLW Warriors player and NRL Māori All Star, she loves kai and adventures.


Appointed Board Member

Although new to Directorship, Jackson has a long history in Rugby League. He started playing at the age of 9 in Mangere East, then transitioned to Otahuhu Leopards before eventually moving to Horeke. He continued his success by joining the Hokianga Pioneers and winning numerous championships in Bay of Islands as well as Northland Wide/Whangarei Districts. Jackson's involvement in Rugby League goes beyond playing; he has also coached successful teams like Otangarei Knights and Hokianga Pioneers to championships. His family is deeply rooted in the sport, with his wife, Dallas, eldest son Jordan, and himself representing Northland. The legacy may continue with his youngest son, Wiremu, in the future.


Appointed Board Member

With 10 years as a player with Auckland based club Richmond Rovers (1996-2006) her desire to give back to the game she loves led Roimata to join the board in 2023. She is a highly regarded strategic manager who brings a wealth of administration to the Rugby League Northland Board.


RLN are always on the lookout for voluntary directors – please email our chief executive for more details.


The RLN Zone Board are responsible for the Governance of and adding value to the game.

The RLN Board are an extension of NZRL and also is responsible for the paid employees within the Zone (CEO, Development Officers, Admin), and as such, they have to ensure that certain criteria and rules are adhered to such as standard rules for competition, the mouth guard policy is enforced, players of U17 of age do not play senior football, Mini and Mod football is played to the same rules across the country.

Where we will add value to the game is via:

  • Development
  • Increased pathways for players coaches and administrators
  • Increased communication and financial security


1. Improved systems for delivery of Rugby League  throughout NorthlandSourcing opportunities to employ more development staff. The more people we have on the ground the more opportunities we have to offer Rugby League to the public. Our goal is to provide more opportunities with the schools. We will provide FUNdamental skills coaching and festivals for the kids, while encouraging them to join their local club. The outcome of this will be that in the future every club will have teams in every grade.

2. Coach and referee educationAs we develop more players we need to be able to provide a fun and positive environment for them to participate. This is achieved by the provision of quality coaching pathways as well as introducing and training more referees.

3. Facilities DevelopmentAgain the more players and competitions we have the more demand there will be on council facilities. We will be working with the councils to ensure that there is a long term strategy for the provision of grounds and facilities.

Increased pathways for players, coaches and administrators

Rugby League can provide a future for some. We are fortunate to have three teams (15’s, 17’s and Premiers) representing Northland in the National Provincial Championship for the Northern Swords. The Swords are only one level away from competing for NZ.

We will be developing improved structures to ensure that all three teams have a better opportunity to compete on the national level therefore enabling individual players such as Kandice Christianson (NZRL 16’s Representative) to hopefully make a career from Rugby League.

We aim to provide players & coaches with increased training and personal development opportunities. Work is has already began with planning for the 2012 campaign with increased training opportunities.

Increased communication and financial security

If we improve our development pathways and improve our success on the field this will help us achieve this role. With every development opportunity we have it is an opportunity to communicate with the people and tell them about our great game.

We will continue to develop our communications; website, enewsletter, poster campaigns as well as radio – who knows we may even see Rugby League Northland on TV in time to come!!

Financial security is the hard nut to crack, but the equation is: the more people that play our game and are involved in our game the more money that should be available via Trust Funding and via sponsorship for Rugby League across the community. This success will filter down for the benefit of the zone, the district and the clubs.