Manager Pathways

Pathways exist for Managers from grassroots football to high performance.As with all team staff, the Team Manager plays a significant part in the success of a Rugby League team.A Rugby League Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that the coaches, support staff and players are sufficiently equipped with the resources and information that will enable them to successfully fulfil their roles. The purpose of this is to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all involved.The NZRL “Developing Managers Course” will assist you with the skills to manage your club or representative team effectively.

The course covers the following aspects:

  • The Importance of a Manager
  • Key Responsibilities
  • Pre-Season Planning
  • Communication
  • Game Day Operations
  • Team Member Welfare, Health & Safety
  • NZRL, Zone, District & Club Requirements
  • Team Values, Culture & Standards
  • LeagueNet & Player Registrations
  • League Smart

Course Details

  • Course Length: 2-3 Hours
  • Course Cost: Free
  • Accreditation: 3 Years or Ongoing Provided You Remain An Active Team Manager