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This is a call out to all clubs to rally our boys together to get them prepared for the Northern Swords Season.

Selected players (click here see Train On Squad Selections) MUST attend these trainings:

  • Monday 6.00pm at either the Bluegoose or Lindvart Park
  • If players are based in Kaitaia they will continue to train with Jim Larkin.  No extra trainings have been organised.  They are welcome to attend the Kaikohe session, but this is not an expectation.

These training sessions are not exclusive to invite only and the sessions are open sessions for players and coachesPremier players are welcome to attend as well as all 15s and 18s players.  If your players want to improve their football then this is the opportunity for them!

The sessions will consist of:

  1. 45min Conditioning
  2. 45 min of skill development
    1. Tackle and wrestle technique
    2. Winning the ruck – ABC Defence.

The Brotherhood of League – the more we do for each other the more we succeed together.  Let’s all support the Northern Swords!

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Swords team named to face Bay of PlentySwords team named to face Bay of Plenty

Northern Swords logo - small for website

We are pleased to announce the team to face Bay of Plenty this Sunday, 21st August at Trigg Arena, Kensington Park

  1. Jordon Katene
  2. Israel Tahere
  3. Ross Mc Farlane
  4. Haylin Rogers
  5. Te Tuhi Tipene
  6. Brodee Palmer
  7. Kyle Hool
  8. Eli George
  9. Wilson Hona
  10. Logan Pocklington
  11. Pedro Blake
  12. Junior Tatau
  13. Sam Henry
  14. Dylan Windelborn 15.Moses Cooper 16.Jordon Hool 17.Daniel Fulop 18.Grayson Rowe

Coach:  Jon Renes

Assistant Coach:  Jack Walker

Trainer:  Dean Schreurs

Physio:  Skye Rene

Manager:  Edward Irving

Swords team announced to Play WaikatoSwords team announced to Play Waikato

Northern Swords logo - small for websiteNorthern Swords v Waikato

Sunday 4th September, Toll Stadium

1.                       Jordan Katene (Otangarei)
2.                       Israel Tahere (Northern Wairoa Bulls)
3.                       Ross Mc Farlane (Takahiwai)
4.                       Te Tuhi Tipene (Moerewa)
5.                       Munokoa Maikuku (Moerewa)
6.                       Kyle Hool (Takahiwai)
7.                       Brodee Plamer (Moerewa)
8.                       Eli George (Moerewa)
9.                       Wilson Hona (Moerewa)
10.                     Logan Pocklington (Northern Wairoa Bulls)
11.                     Pedro Blake (Otangarei)
12.                     Haylin Rogers (Moerewa)
13.                     Vern Wilson (Otangarei

14.                     Daniel Fulop (Northern Wairoa Bulls)
15.                     Jordan Hool (Takahiwai)
16.                     Sam Henry (Otangarei)
17.                     Doug Makiri   (Otangarei) 18.  Moses Cooper (Hora Hora)

Coach:              Jon Renes

Asst Coach:     Jack Walker

Manager:         Edward irving

Trainer:            Dean Schruers

Physio:             Skye Renes

Strapper:         Caitlin Riedstra