Northern Swords,Northern Swords 15s Northern Swords 15s – Monday, 30th September to Friday, 4th October

Northern Swords 15s – Monday, 30th September to Friday, 4th October

Northern Swords 15s – Monday, 30th September to Friday, 4th October post thumbnail image

Our Northern Swords 15s Squad will be participating in a week long tournament hosted at Bruce Pullman Park in Papakura.

Click here to see full details of the when our 15s will be playing.

Team Selected - 1






































Team Selected - 2

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Swords 15s and 17s Upper Central Tournament (Rotorua)Swords 15s and 17s Upper Central Tournament (Rotorua)

Coaches Joe Rau (15s) and Benson Selwyn (17s) were both very pleased with the performance of their squads in the Upper Central Tournament.  They only had one week to organise their players from the NZRL Performance Camp, which was no small task.  The tournament was used to help the coaches identify not only players for the final squad, but also areas they will need to work on to help start to build a culture around the Swords teams.

Although results didn’t go entirely the Swords way, both coaches were please with the outcomes.  Steele Kake was named the “Forward of the Tournament” for the 15s.  2013 will be Steele’s second National Campaign at the 15s level.  He is definitely one for the scouts to watch out for.  Piri Croft 17s Prop, was named in the Tournament Team for the 17s. Piri continues his good form for the Swords from 2012.

A big thank you to Sash Stosic (GM – Upper Central Zone) and the Bay of Plenty Rugby League for organising a well run tournament.  Congratulations to Bay of Plenty 15s and Waikato 17s for winning their respective grades.

Hope to see you next year?

Results and Tournament Team 15s

Results and Tournament Team 17s

Jon Renes named as Senior Swords Coach for 2015Jon Renes named as Senior Swords Coach for 2015

Jon Renes has been named as the Northern Swords Premier Coach for the 2015 NZRL National Premiership Competition.  Jon has proven experience in high performance sports from a preparation component and sees the step as a natural progression.

“I’ve been involved with Rugby League at a high performance level as a trainer for the last 15 years.  My speciality is around preparing athletes for competition, this is the key to start making a change and that is to start building the Swords from ground up.  My main focus is around building a culture and desire to play for the jersey.  If we think we can bring a team together and then coach them in a short period of time this is unrealistic it’s got to be about the build up and the preparation.  That is my first priority. There is a lot of pride in Northland, we have 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation representative players, if we can get Mana back into the jersey that will be a step in the right direction.

Jon goes on to comment that one of the key focuses is building the Brotherhood within Northland, with Clubs being the key to this.  By doing so I hope to build strong relationships with the players – coaches and club management.  A successful Northland team will be based around everyone in Northland working together to build pride in the jersey.

He says that he is not concerned about results in the first year – firstly it’s about process, building a culture of performance and process which ultimately comes down to individual and collective responsibility.  As we build on this we want to see the Northland Premier jersey be a platform to launch future careers.  This has already happened from the Swords with Corey Harawira-Naera being signed to play for the Panthers 20s in 2013, other Junior Sword players are making a career from Rugby League with James Fisher-Harris and Steel Kake also signing with the Panthers – both were signed after playing for the Swords 17s.

Alex Smits RLN General Manager said,” We are privileged to have Jon’s experience engaged with our organisation.  He has been with the Swords for the last four years and understands athletic development as well as the culture of Northland.  Moving forward we are wanting to develop our performance pathway, we have a lot of talented athletes in Northland and we don’t want them to feel that if they haven’t made it by the time they are 18 that it’s too late.   We are starting to now see many of recent 17s playing in the RLN Scott Electrical Premiership which is having a positive effect on the quality of the competition.”

RLN has also for the first time, formed a Swords Advisory Panel that will help mould the future of the Swords representative program.  The panel recently formed with Brad Flower and Juanita Hool from the RLN Board also has Shane Hool from Takahiwai and Sean Tito from Horahora, as well as Jon Renes and  Alex Smits.  “We’re currently focusing on the Senior Swords, but as we progress we hope the panel will grow with other representatives, as well as developing a strategy around Junior and Senior integration.” Smits said.

Jon’s appointment is the first step – over the next couple of weeks RLN we will be announcing who will complete the Swords Coaching team with an Assistant Coach, Trainer and Manager soon to be appointed.

The Swords Campaign 2015 kicks off on May 30th with a slightly different approach, with Coach Jon Renes calling for a Women in League meeting for his players and Whanau.  He is calling a muster for his initial selection to attend a hui and a lunch with partners and family at Lindvart Park to coincide with the Swords 15s and 17s Trials.  “If we want to ensure the players get buy in, we need the wives and partners and their whanau to feel part of the process.” Renes said.

Jon Renes Previous experience includes:

  • Assistance trainer to Warriors in 2000
  • Trainer for Junior Kiwis 2002-3
  • Assist Trainer Residents 2012
  • Assist trainer NZRL 18s 2013
  • Trainer NZRL 16s 2015
  • Strength and conditioning coach NZ Academy of Sport – Northland region
  • Swords Trainer 2011 – 2014