A Message from our Chairman

A Message from our Chairman

Bruce Peden - RLN Chairman of the Board
Bruce Peden – RLN Chairman of the Board

2014 is the last year that I stand as Chairman of RLN. Both myself and Tom Jackson have been Board Members since Rugby League Northland inception in 2010 and due to constitutional process both myself and Tom will be stepping down at the next AGM. I can say that I will be stepping down confident that the game has moved in the right direction. As a organisation, the work is by no means completed, however there is a solid foundation for sustainability.

In our first four years our organisational priorities have been to:

  • Establish RLN as a credible sport that can provide opportunities across all levels for whanau and communities;
  • Ensure that there is a logical Rugby League playing calendar for participants to engage with including a representative pathway;
  • Ensure RLN provides guidance and grows capability in our clubs and competitions;
  • Create an organisation that partners feel confident to engage with;
  • Establish a reputable community program in schools; and
  • Focus on fiscal responsibility.

We have recruited a talented Board of Directors who will now steer the organisation into a refined Strategic Direction. The above priorities will remain in place however our focus will move more toward quality improvement.

Our new strategic plan will align – NZRL – RLN and our Clubs, developing the three levels of League within NZRL to move together to build our future.

There are three key areas that we will focus on:


Everything RLN does needs to have a long term effect on improving Rugby League – Our Game!


The game of Rugby League is for everyone. RLN exists to serve the Rugby League Community of Northland. For the game to improve and grow, so does the RLN Community. The Kiwi is the pinnacle of the game. To support the Kiwi, we need to recognise all elements of Iwi (people) that make up Kiwi – Te Iwi Kiwi.


To develop and grow we need to ensure that RLN and our activities are planned within the means of our operation. We need to protect, grow and develop our resources from our people to our financial operation.

Finally on behalf of the board I would like to thank all of our valued sponsors and funders for your support this season, I would also like to thank the players and volunteers for making this a successful season.

Bruce Peden, Chairman RLN Board


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