Whangarei Boys High School at National Secondary School Comp

Whangarei Boys High School at National Secondary School Comp post thumbnail image

Photographs and video of Whangarei Boys High School playing James Cook High at the National Secondary School Competition, Bruce Pullman Park, Papakura on Friday 6 September 2013.

Click here to see pre-game Haka video.

Click here to see post-game Haka video.

Congratulations to the following players.

It’s Not Okay Fairplay Award Developing Grade: Kauri Harema, Whangarei Boys High School

It’s Not Okay Fairplay Award Premier Grade:
Taylor Waenga, Kaitaia College

Watties MVP award: James Dean Fisher-Harris, Whangarei Boys High School

National Secondary Schools Rugby League - Day 1, 2 September 2013


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