Referee Fundamental and Beginner Course

PICK UP A WHISTLE IN 2017 Referees and Touch Judges needed for upcoming season! Be a part of community sport …

Ian Collis – Referees Association Chairman

Ian was elected chairman at the 2016 referees end of season meeting. Ian is a Northlander currently working in Auckland. …

Calling all aspiring Referees

Sign up to become a Referee (full training will be provided). You can help make a difference! A referees training session has been organised for the 29th of January at Sport Northland, (Kensington Park, Western Hills Drive – Northern end) between 5.30 and 8.30pm.

Grant Wharehoka

Grant is into his first year as a referee in the North and he brings with him a vast array of experience with him as he has had stints in the central North Island and in the Auckland competitions.

Rugby League Northland Farewells Neville Rudolph

Rugby League Northland Referees Association Chairman, Neville Rudolph, has departed Northland for the bright city lights of Brisbane, Australia. I first met Neville on my second day as General Manager of RLN, with Neville telling me that we only had three active Referees and that I would have to become one too! Which I did, and to this day, do not regret.

Tane Kaiwai

Tane is now into his 3rd year refereeing Rugby League and is still enjoying the challenge. In 2013, Tane as appointed to high levelled and international matches, which included age group international games such as Australia v New Zealand. One of Tane’s highlights was being involved with side-line officiating the New Zealand Maori (which had NRL starts Bodene Thompson and Sam Rapira) against the Queensland Indigenous (which featured players from the Queensland cup).

Wheeru Pou

Wheeru, resides in Kaikohe and has been an official of the game for a number of years. His help in the Bay of Islands competition has been invaluable and his help and experience as a touchy will go a long way to keep control of future games that he will officiate in.

Manuera Riwai

Manuera owns a gym in Kaitaia, and is in his first year as an official. It would be fair to say that he has a lot to learn and as such, we brought him into the fold as a touchy for the RLN Semi’s so that he could gain some much needed experience.

Jason Smith

Jason has just returned to the fold following an operation on his knees which kept him out of the competition for the latter part of the 2013 season. Jason’s experience as an official in the Northland comp over a number of years, has been invaluable to the Referees Association. Jason officianted as a touchy in the RLN Semi’s at Toll Stadium.

Jodie Thorpe

Jodie Thorpe (Referee)