Northern Swords Teams travel to Rotorua to compete in the North Island District Tournament

2018 saw 5 Northern Swords Teams travel to Rotorua to compete in the North Island District Tournament.

Swords 13s and 15s Girls
For the first time ever, Swords had two girls teams competing in the 13s and 15s competition. Both teams had minimal playing experience prior to the tournament, but this did not prevent them playing with commitment and passion. All credit to Joe, Jon, Ruihi, John, Macca and Dana for their tireless effort in bringing players together and training them in such a short time frame.
To all the girls who played – thank you so much. Our entire community is so proud of you. Being an “Original” is unique and takes courage and commitment to be part of something new.

The following girls made the North Island Districts Merit team:
13 Girls

  • Paea Uilou
  • Neveah Whittaker

15 Girls

  • Brooklyn Sergeant

Swords 17, 15 and 13 Boys
New Management Teams and players selected from the Far North to the Kaipara created a new buzz around the boys teams this year. The performance of the teams speak for themselves with the 13s winning the competition, 15s placing second and the 17s playing a quality of game that Manu, Bronson and Junie know will prepare them well for the Nationals in October.

17 Boys announced in the North Island Districts Merit team were:

  • Eruera Shelford
  • Terry-Jack Smart

Frank, Matt and Denise had a very skilful, powerful and fast 15s team that was only beaten by eventual tournament winners Bay of Plenty. Injuries and an extra game on the last day did not work in our favour for the finals, but the fighting spirit can not be under estimated in this team. Come October, I know 15s team will not be lacking preparation with the current Management Team behind them.

15 Boys announced in the North Island Districts Merit team were:

  • Hone Boyce
  • Lance McHugh

Vern, Maka and Xaviana – what an experience they created for the boys in this team. Trainings, Marae stays, team rules, fun court sessions combined with commitment and hard work saw success on and off the field. I can truly say, winning of the tournament happened months ago at the first team meeting when Vern and Maka told the boys being in the Northern Sword was an honour and that we play for our clubs, region and people – and to never forget this. The winning of the tournament belongs to the team, but the joy and pride it brought belongs to everyone in the Northland Rugby League Community!!

13 Boys announced in the North Island Districts Merit team were:

  • Isoua Hotere-Sosopo
  • Xavier Tenboom
  • Hare Pou-Walker
  • Tamihana Sergeant

To end, the behaviour and performance of all our teams on and off the field was impressive. They represented our region with so much heart, humility and focus that anyone from the region would proudly say “I am a Sword, I am from Northland”.