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Rugby League Northland again welcomes our Australian Brothers from the Woden Rams in Canberra to Northland. This is the third year they have come to the wonderful Northland.  Originally, the link was established via Kalani Going, who started playing Junior League for the Rams while a part of the Canberra Raiders Academy.  Going is the Grandson of Northland Great Union player Sid Going and the nephew of League Stars Thomas and Kylie Leuluai.

One thing is sure, rivalry between Australia and NZ at any level is always fierce.  As Kiwis we can have bragging rights for the first time ever as the Kiwis are currently ranked #1 in the World and for the second time ever in the history of league the Kiwis have beaten the Kangaroos 3 times in a row.  As for the rivalry between the Rams and Northland, the first year saw two Rams teams visit with each playing two games, the ledger that year was shared with Northland teams winning 2 and the Rams winning 2.  Last year the Rams played Otaua and lost, then played Otaika that saw a game go right down to the wire for a draw! 

On Tuesday the Rams played against the Otaua Valleys in Kaikohe.  Otaua led at 18 – 0 at half time. The Rams came back in the second half with a typical Australian spirit, but Otaua were able to hold on for a 28 – 18 win. So the overall ledger is Northland 4 – Woden 2 and 1 draw. 

The Rams hadn’t played any footy for 6 weeks while a good contingent of the Otaua team played last week at the NZRL 15s and 17s Nationals so with a game under their belt the Rams will be well primed to take on the Otaika Eagles on Friday!  The Otaika Eagles were defeated finalists in the U16s Elijah Taylor Cup.

Match Day:  Friday 9th October Kick Off 12pm at Fishbone Park – Whangarei.


Tuesday 6th October at Kaikohe Rugby Ground – Woden Rams v Otaua Valleys – Results

Otaua Valleys 28: Tries: Kalani Waa, Iraia (2), Xavier Johnston, Ranipiri Tau, Goals: Brody Tamarua (4).  Players of the Day – Joseph Ngere, Ranipiri Tau 

 Woden Rams 18: Tries: Daniel De Smet, Michael Ryan, Andrew Scheele. Goals: Daneil De Smet (2), Thomas Robertson. Players of the Day – Daneil De smet, Thomas Robertson


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Northern Swords 2015 – FixturesNorthern Swords 2015 – Fixtures

Coach Jon Renes and his management staff – Edward Irving – Manager and Jack Walker – Assistant Coach are busy preparing their squad for the start of the NZRL National Premiership at the end of August.  They will be kicking off their campaign with a warm up game in at the Koroneihana in Ngaruawahia.

Swords Home Games:

September 5th at Lindvart Park v Counties Manukau Stingrays.  As part of the day RLN will be running the Northern Swords Mini Mod 9s Tournament.

September 19th at Lindvart Park v Wellington Orcas – also running on the day will be the Barry Wharerau Memorial Nines Senior Tournament (put in link to Entry form)

October 10th at Toll Stadium v Canterbury Bulls with the final Trade of Origin match between the Sparkies and Chippies as the Curtain rais

Swords Premiers - Fixtures

RLN Premiership Season 2013RLN Premiership Season 2013

Click here for the full Premiership Draw 2013

Click here for playing ground locations

FINALS DAY – Sunday, August 11th – Toll Stadium

13s @ Old Boys Rugby Club – 10:30am KO

Muriwhenua v (WIS Stags or Moerewa Tigers)

15s – 12:00pm KO

Hika-Hora v Otaua Valley

18s – 1:30pm KO

Muriwhenua v Marist Brothers

PREMIERS – 3:30pm KO

Takahiwai Warriors v Hikurangi Stags


 Team List for RLN Premiership – Sunday 11th August – Kick Off 3:00pm

Hikurangi Stags Takahiwai Warriors
1 Innocent Tuimavave or Jordan Rau 1 Hori Tuhoro (CC)
2 Shelden McKinley 2 Rikki Tarau
3 Joachim Edmonds or Caleb Henare 3 Sosaia Tali
4 Tyson Wihongi 4 Wiremu Te Iringa
5 Shannon Neho 5 Charles Tarau
6 Joe Rau (CC) 6 Kyle Hool
7 Russell Turner 7 Cole Tarau
8 Steven Rau (CC) 8 Edward Wilson (CC)
9 Dean Schreurs 9 Witaiawa Thompson
10 Aaron Noble 10 Para Murray
11 Te Tuhi Tipene 11 Manu Tuhoro
12 Jamie Harris 12 Jordan Hool
13 David McCullough 13 Sidney Akatea
14 Moses Cooper 14 Nicholas Schuster
15 Wayne Turner 15 Wallace Poutai
16 Keiron Wihongi-Henare 16 Damion Murray or Harley Ra
17 Adrion Hemara or Kylie Walters 17 Michael Hauraki
Coach – Joe Rau Coach – Shane Hool
Manager – Rangipai Turner Manager – Juanita Hool
Trainers – Dylan Wihong, Poasa   Rankin, Jordan Rau Match Manager – Jane Smith
Tee Boys – Lee & Paul Turner



20th July – Round 5 – North and South Pools – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
20th July Round 5 Otaua Valleys Muriwhenua Kuaka
20th July Round 5 Moerewa Tigers BYE
20th July Round 5 Hokianga Pioneers Kerikeri Slayers
20th July Round 5 Portland Panthers Northern Wairoa Bulls
20th July Round 5 City Knights Horahora Broncos
20th July Round 5 Takahiwai Warriors Hikurangi Stags

Round 5 – Northern Wairoa Bulls v Portland Panthers game has been cancelled. Default goes to Portland Panthers.

13th July – Round 4 – North and South Pools – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
13th July Round 4 Hokianga Pioneers BYE
13th July Round 4 Kerikeri Slayers Otaua Valley
13th July Round 4 Muriwhenua Kuaka Moerewa Tigers
13th July Round 4 Horahora Broncos Takahiwai Warriors
13th July Round 4 Hikurangi Stags Portland Panthers
13th July Round 4 Northern Wairoa Bulls City Knights

6th July – Round 3 – North and South Pools – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
6th July Round 3 Hokianga Pioneers Muriwhenua Kuaka
6th July Round 3 Moerewa Tigers Otaua Valley
6th July Round 3 Kerikeri Slayers BYE
6th July Round 3 Takahiwai Warriors Northern Wairoa Bulls
6th July Round 3 City Knights Portland Panthers
6th July Round 3 Horahora Broncos Hikurangi Stags


29th June – Round 2 – North and South Pools – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
29th June Round 2 Otaua Valleys Hokianga Pioneers
29th June Round 2 Muriwhenua Kuaka BYE
29th June Round 2 Moerewa Tigers Kerikeri Slayers
29th June Round 2 Portland Panthers Takahiwai Warriors
29th June Round 2 Northern Wairoa Bulls Horahora Broncos
29th June Round 2 City Knights Hikurangi Stags


22nd June – Round 1 – North and South Pools – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
22nd June Round 1 Kerikeri Slayers Muriwhenua Kuaka
22nd June Round 1 Otaua Valley BYE
22nd June Round 1 Hokianga Pioneers Moerewa Tigers
22nd June Round 1 Hikurangi Stags Northern Wairoa Bulls
22nd June Round 1 Horahora Broncos Portland Panthers
22nd June Round 1 Takahiwai Warriors City Knights


CROSSOVERS – ROUND 6 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
15th June Round 6 Takahiwai Warriors* Muriwhenua Kuaka*
15th June Round 6 Portland Panthers Hokianga Pioneers
15th June Round 6 Horahora Broncos Otaua Valleys
15th June Round 6 City Knights BYE
15th June Round 6 Northern Wairoa Bulls Kerikeri Slayers

Round 6 – Hikurangi v Moerewa played in season opener.  Moerewa won 40 – 36

* Takahiwai Warriors v Muriwhenua Kuaka – KO time is 1:00pm


CROSSOVERS – ROUND 5 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
8th June Round 5 Portland Panthers* Muriwhenua Kuaka*
8th June Round 5 Hokianga Pioneers Horahora Broncos
8th June Round 5 Otaua Valley City Knights
8th June Round 5 Hikurangi Stags BYE
8th June Round 5 Northern Wairoa Bulls Moerewa Tigers
8th June Round 5 Kerikeri Slayers Takahiwai Warriors

* Portland Panthers v Muriwhenua Kuaka – KO time is 1:00pm


CROSSOVERS – ROUND 4 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
1st June Round 4 Muriwhenua Kuaka Horahora Broncos
1st June Round 4 City Knights Hokianga Pioneers
1st June Round 4 Hikurangi Stags Otaua Valley
1st June Round 4 Northern Wairoa Bulls BYE
1st June Round 4 Moerewa Tigers Takahiwai Warriors
1st June Round 4 Kerikeri Slayers Portland Panthers

GAME TIME CHANGE – Muriwhenua Kuaka v Horahora will be played at the earlier time of 1pm on Saturday 1st June.

VENUE CONFIRMATION – Hikurangi Stags v Otaua Valley will be played at Bluegoose this weekend.


CROSSOVERS – ROUND 3 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
25th May Round 3 Muriwhenua Kuaka City Knights
25th May Round 3 Hokianga Pioneers Hikurangi Stags
25th May Round 3 Otaua Valleys Northern Wairoa Bulls
25th May Round 3 Takahiwai Warriors BYE
25th May Round 3 Portland Panthers Moerewa Tigers
25th May Round 3 Horahora Broncos Kerikeri Slayers

Note:  Otaua will be hosting Northern Wairoa Bulls at Northland College, 2.3opm KO


CROSSOVERS – ROUND 2 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
18th May Round 2 Hikurangi Stags Muriwhenua Kuaka
18th May Round 2 Northern Wairoa Bulls Hokianga Pioneers
18th May Round 2 Takahiwai Warriors Otaua Valleys
18th May Round 2 BYE Portland Panthers
18th May Round 2 Moerewa Tigers Hora Hora Broncos
18th May Round 2 Kerikeri Slayers City Knights


CROSSOVERS – ROUND 1 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

Date Round Home Team Away Team
11th May Round 1 Muriwhenua Kuaka Northern Wairoa Bulls
11th May Round 1 Hokianga Pioneers Takahiwai Warriors
11th May Round 1 Otaua Valleys Portland Panthers
11th May Round 1 Hora Hora Broncos BYE
11th May Round 1 City Knights Moerewa Tigers
11th May Round 1 Hikurangi Stags Kerikeri Slayers


ROUND 5 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

North Pool
Date Round Home Team Away Team
4th May Round 5 Muriwhenua Kuaka Otaua Valleys
4th May Round 5 BYE Moerewa Tigers
4th May Round 5 Kerikeri Slayers Hokianga Pioneers


Note:  The Hikurangi v Takahiwai game, will be played at the Hikurangi Rugby Club this weekend.

South Pool
4th May Round 5 Northern Wairoa Bulls Portland Panthers
4th May Round 5 Hora Hora Broncos City Knights
4th May Round 5 Hikurangi Stags Takahiwai Warriors



ROUND 4 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

North Pool
Date Round Home Team Away Team
27th April Round 4 Hokianga Pioneers BYE
27th April Round 4 Otaua Valleys Kerikeri Slayers
27th April Round 4 Moerewa Tigers Muriwhenua Kuaka


South Pool
27th April Round 4 Takahiwai Warriors Hora Hora Broncos
27th April Round 4 Portland Panthers Hikurangi Stags
27th April Round 4 City Knights Northern Wairoa Bulls


ROUND 3 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

North Pool
Date Round Home Team Away Team
20th April Round 3 Muriwhenua Kuaka Hokianga Pioneers
20th April Round 3 Otaua Valleys Moerewa Tigers
20th April Round 3 Kerikeri Slayers BYE


South Pool
20th April Round 3 Northern Wairoa Bulls Takahiwai Warriors
20th April Round 3 Portland Panthers City Knights
20th April Round 3 Hikurangi Stags Hora Hora Broncos


ROUND 2 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

North Pool
Date Round Home Team Away Team
13th April Round 2 Hokianga Pioneers Otaua Valley
13th April Round 2 BYE Muriwhenua Kuaka
13th April Round 2 Kerikeri Slayers Moerewa Tigers


South Pool
13th April Round 2 Takahiwai Warriors Portland Panthers
13th April Round 2 Hora Hora Broncos Northern Wairoa Bulls
13th April Round 2 Hikurangi Stags City Knights


ROUND 1 – Draw for the RLN Premiership 2013

    North Pool  
Date Round Home Team Away Team
6th April Round 1 Muriwhenua Falcons Kerikeri Slayers Rl Club
6th April Round 1 Otaua Valley Warriors BYE
6th April Round 1 Moerewa Tigers Hokianga Pioneers


    South Pool  
6th April Round 1 Northern Wairoa Bulls Hikurangi Stags
6th April Round 1 Portland Panthers Hora Hora Broncos
6th April Round 1 City Knights Rl Takahiwai Warriors Rl Club




Orcas defeat Swords but Freeman sees many positivesOrcas defeat Swords but Freeman sees many positives

At a cold wet and soggy Petone Rec in Wellington, the Orcas Bernard Gregorius’ hat-trick of tries has guided Wellington Orcas to a 38 – 14 win over the Northern Swords in the Pirtek NZRL National Premiership on Saturday.

Wellington jumped out to a perfect start, with two tries in the first 15 minutes and two more before the break for a 22-4 advantage.  However the Swords showed that they could mix with the Orcas, scoring three tries in the second half to Joel Freeman, Sam Henry and Jordan Hool.  Coach, Mark Freeman, was buoyed by the performance, “The conditions were terrible and after the bus trip and flight it took us 40 minutes to realise we were playing National League.  We came into the first game knowing that we were slightly under prepared, but we know what we have to work on moving forward.”

With 8 debutants in the squad, Freeman was positive by some of their individual performances, heralding Outside Backs, Ross McFarlane and Tumoana Halkyard, as having standout performances.  Skipper Joel Freeman was also a stand out, while young Daniel Fulop at Stand Off didn’t look out of place after making the step up from the 2013 Swords 17s.

“We hope to have Takahiwai’s powerhouse loose forward Adam Donaldson and inspirational fullback Hori Tuhoro, as well as Knights player of the RLN Grand Final, Jordan Katene, available this week which will increase competition for places, which is healthy leading into this week’s game at Toll Stadium v Counties Manukau.” Freeman said.

Next Sunday August 31st at Toll Stadium

  • Northern Swords Premiers v Counties Manukau Stingrays 2.30pm
  • 13s Grand Final Otangarei Knights  v Portland Panthers 1.15pm
  • 13s Plate Final – Manaia View v Horahora Broncos 12:00pm