News Rugby League Northland Farewells Neville Rudolph

Rugby League Northland Farewells Neville Rudolph

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Neville Rudolph and Jody Thorpe

Neville Rudolph and Jody Thorpe

Rugby League Northland Referees Association Chairman, Neville Rudolph, has departed Northland for the bright city lights of Brisbane, Australia. I first met Neville on my second day as General Manager of RLN, with Neville telling me that we only had three active Referees and that I would have to become one too! Which I did, and to this day, do not regret.Refereeing is a hard job and managing them is even harder – so I thank Neville for his hard work and commitment. In a testament to his work, the RLN Referees Association had 11 active referees in 2013. Neville has also played a key part in the development of Tane Kaiwai, who has progressed to become a part of the Auckland Referees Academy.

The Referees Committee is in the process of restructuring and held a hui on Wednesday 11th December. If you feel you’ve got something to say, either on or off the field – you can help make a difference! Join the newly formed Referee Committee OR better yet, sign up and become a Referee (all Grades Juniors to Seniors) for the 2014 season – FULL TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED.

Contact: Alex Smits – or 021 273 6975

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National Champions - Whangarei Intermediate

National Champions – Whangarei IntermediateNational Champions – Whangarei Intermediate

National Champions - Whangarei IntermediateWhangarei Intermediate win the inaugural Rugby League Nines at the internataional AIMS Games in Tauranga.

**Coach: Joe Rau
**Manager: Vanessa Peters

Owen Shanks (Captain)
Dylan Brown
Takakino Makara
Paul Turner
Wiremu Greig
Tiakiawa Nathan
Diani Timms
Samuel Winikerei
Tahu Tawhiwhirangi
Matiu Baker
Chris Shepherd-George
Mauriora Shelford-Morrell
Kassem Erihe


In term 1 of this year our school was made aware of this, staff were asked who would like to take charge of a team for the AIMS GAMES. I put my hand up hoping to get a parent on board to help coach. Joe Rau put his hand up and from then on, our journey unfolded….and we’ve created HISTORY really.

We held a few trial games as the response in numbers was quite big, then we chose our team. Monday afternoon were our training sessions after school and all boys committed to these for the next 7 months.

Then we entered our team into the Northland U13s Sunday League competition to give them more league time and team building together. We ended up winning this competition. Trophy #1

We then played in the Northland Rugby League – 9’s tournament – Intermediate School Champions Y7 & Y8 in August that we also won. All these games helped in preparation for the Aims Games Tournament. Trophy #2

Joe Rau as Coach with his passion, vision and drive has helped to get to where we are, to winning this AIMS GAMES CHAMPIONSHIP. Brotherhood and Self Belief has been Joe’s korero with the boys. Believing in themselves and one game at a time.

12 schools entered in the comp. First game we drew against RAKAUMANGAMANGA 12 all. We went on to win our next 5 games which made us the winners of our pool.

We beat Papamoa in the semi final to play RAKAUMANGAMANGA again. This was a very hard game. They were ready for us and we were for them too. Big in size they were and our boys not as big. BUT a big heart they played with. Our speed, agility, skill and ball skills got them to be the CHAMPIONS AND WINNERS.

After the tournament , they then named a “Tournament Team” that 4 of our boys were named in: The DREAM TEAM

Dylan Brown
Paul Turner
Takakino Makara
Owen Shanks

HOW EXCITING. (written by Vanessa Peters)

Whangarei Boys High School at National Secondary School CompWhangarei Boys High School at National Secondary School Comp

Photographs and video of Whangarei Boys High School playing James Cook High at the National Secondary School Competition, Bruce Pullman Park, Papakura on Friday 6 September 2013.

Click here to see pre-game Haka video.

Click here to see post-game Haka video.

Congratulations to the following players.

It’s Not Okay Fairplay Award Developing Grade: Kauri Harema, Whangarei Boys High School

It’s Not Okay Fairplay Award Premier Grade:
Taylor Waenga, Kaitaia College

Watties MVP award: James Dean Fisher-Harris, Whangarei Boys High School

National Secondary Schools Rugby League - Day 1, 2 September 2013


WBHS 1 IMG_6063 IMG_6062 IMG_6060 IMG_6059 IMG_6058 IMG_6057 IMG_6056 IMG_6054 IMG_6053 IMG_6052 IMG_6051 IMG_6050 IMG_6049 IMG_6048 IMG_6047 IMG_6046 IMG_6042 IMG_6036 IMG_6034 IMG_6033 IMG_6029 IMG_6028 IMG_6022 IMG_6017 IMG_6013 IMG_6011 IMG_6009 IMG_6008 IMG_6006 IMG_6005 IMG_6003 IMG_5998 IMG_5997 IMG_5995 IMG_5993 IMG_5992 IMG_5990 IMG_5989 IMG_5987 IMG_5984 IMG_5983 IMG_5982 IMG_5981 IMG_5980 IMG_5974 IMG_5973 IMG_5967 IMG_5966 IMG_5962 IMG_5959 IMG_5957 IMG_5956 IMG_5955 IMG_5951 IMG_5949 IMG_5945 IMG_5944 IMG_5943 IMG_5942 IMG_5941 IMG_5940 IMG_5939 IMG_5936 IMG_5935 IMG_5931 IMG_5930 IMG_5928 IMG_5927 IMG_5926 IMG_5925 IMG_5920 IMG_5920 IMG_5919 IMG_5918 IMG_5915 IMG_5914 IMG_5913 IMG_5912 IMG_5910 IMG_5907 IMG_5902 IMG_5893 IMG_5891 IMG_5887 IMG_5880 IMG_5870 IMG_5867 IMG_5866 IMG_5865 IMG_5858 IMG_5855 IMG_5852 IMG_5841 IMG_5839 IMG_5837 IMG_5834 IMG_5833 IMG_5832 IMG_5830 IMG_5828 IMG_5826 IMG_5825 IMG_5823 IMG_5822 IMG_5821 IMG_5820 IMG_5819