RLN Championship Champions

Pawarenga Broncos v Otaua Valleys-060 Pawarenga Broncos v Otaua Valleys-037 Pawarenga Broncos v Otaua Valleys-020 Pawarenga Broncos v Otaua Valleys-010Congratulations to the Otaua Valleys, the inaugural RLN Championship winners and in doing so, gaining promotion to the 2016 RLN Scott Electrical Premiership. It was a hugely entertaining game that had everything, scintillating tries, big hits, two send offs, in a battle of two closely connected communities. Pawarenga, for your first year back in Rugby League, you should be very proud of your efforts.

We have had to split the video into two halves in order to allow for better viewing.  You will note through the magic of TV, there was a special guest commentator who was in Australia during the match!

Click here to watch the first half of the match.

Click here to watch the second half of the match.