News Raffle Ticket Prize Winners

Raffle Ticket Prize Winners

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Otaua Valley Raffle Ticket Winners

First Prize – Joe-Leigh Harris

Second Prize – Alan Nathan

Third Prize – Tui Nathan

Fourth Prize – James Hati

Fifth Prize – T.W. Hiku


Marist Brothers Raffle Ticket Winners

First Prize – Willy Paki

Second Prize – Li

Third Prize – Jamie-Lee Manukau

Fourth Prize – Louisa Laiman

Fifth Prize – Caleb Laiman


Northern Swords Raffle Ticket Winners (via Board Members)

First Prize – Carlos Keven

Second Prize – Regina (WWT)

Third Prize – Daniel Stratford (Train Spotting Cafe in Kawakawa)

Fourth Prize – Tony Tautari

Fifth Prize – Nancy (WWT)

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Northern Swords 14s – MusterNorthern Swords 14s – Muster

A big call out to all potential Northern Swords 14s! There will be a muster next Tuesday 18th August at Bluegoose, 6pm and every Tuesday thereafter.

All players who played in the 2015 season in the 14s age grade at Bluegoose are eligible.

Any additional players who did not participate in the 2015 league season, must be born in 2001, 2002, (possibly 2003) AND have submitted player registration forms, birth IDs and photographs to be eligible to enter. We are unable to accept any players transferring from Australia as the clearance cut-off for this has passed and will not be open again until January 2016.

Head Coach – Jim Croft, 0220 907 615

Manager – Mike Foster

Trainer – Kingston Croft-Haenga

Training will be in conjunction with Joe Rau and the Swords 15s as some players are eligible for both teams, which will provide strength in numbers for training purposes.


Team Selection

The team will be capped at 22 players. Therefore should we have more than 22 at musters and trainings, a trial may be required.


Pre-Season Games

Pre-Season Games will be announced as and when they get arranged, prior to the National tournament which will be in Mt Maunganui on 8th October (games on 9th and 10th October).