Adam Blair Trophy,News Kamo High School 2014 NorthTec Adam Blair Champions

Kamo High School 2014 NorthTec Adam Blair Champions

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IMG_5040 Kamo v WBHS Final Score IMG_5036Last Friday night, Kamo High School defeated the odds, to be crowned NABT 2014 Champions in a final that demonstrated that Secondary School Rugby League is alive and well in Northland.  Standing in Kamo’s way were the favoured Whangarei Boys High School.  High had amassed a whopping 190 point differential through the 2014 NABT competition and had won the coveted Tohunga 2 times out of three, plus they had won their earlier encounter with Kamo 38 – 16 to rightly be favourites.

BUT as they say, Finals football is a different game altogether.  In front of a healthy and vibrant crowd under lights, Kamo High school were able to deal with the pressure of the event more than Boys High.  The first half was a tight encounter with both teams going into half time at 4 points a-piece after tries from Kamo’s Brandt Shortland and WBHS’s Shane Paraha.

Kamo came out in the second half with a true belief that they could go one better than the 2013 Kamo High School team that lost in the dying minutes to Kaitaia.  First centre Cole Lundon-Tonga retrieved a wayward bomb to scurry over in the corner, then Lyse Haretuku finished an impressive back line move to score in the corner. Both tries were unconverted with Kamo taking a lead 10 – 4.

Finally Boys High came to life with barnstorming Tiaki Smith smashing his way over near the posts, Caleb Aikens converted to bring the game to 12 – 10. Kamo lead with 15 minutes left on the clock.  Kamo Coach, Joe Henare, was rightly nervous as his 2013 team had given up a similar lead, however the Kamo team held firm.  Boys High threatened a number of occasions but Kamo defended as if their lives depended on it.

Joe Henare was elated, “This has been three years in the making.  When we first started we had a five year plan to develop League at Kamo.  I can’t believe the boys heart out there.  Reniera Campbell was a man mountain on defence tonight and he deserved to get man of the match” The win was especially pleasing as Kamo had played the entire match with only 13 players – they had two Year 9s on the bench but didn’t use them!

Kamo High School 12;  Tries to: Brandt Shortland, Lyse Haretuku, Cole Lundon-Tonga

Whangarei Boys High 10: Tries to: Shane Paraha, Tiaki Smith.  Conversion:  Caleb Aikens.

Player of the Final:  Raniera Campbell.


Tikipunga High School win the Northern Swords Shield

In another entertaining match full of end to end running, Tikipunga High School edged out Bay Of Island College 22 -14 to win the Northern Swords Shield the plate division of the NABT.  The game was great advert for Rugby League as it was fiercely contested up the middle with two forward packs not giving an inch.  To cap it off both teams had speed to burn out wide.

The 10 all half time score demonstrated the even nature of the game.  However Tikipunga High came out with more fire in the belly.  With Jack Rangitaawa and John Wright in the halves giving them ability to get the ball out to the impressive fullback Wayne Iripa.  Tiki racked up 12 unanswered points in a fifteen minute period.

For the last 15 minutes, Bay of Islands looked on the verge of a comeback, when with 5 minutes left on the clock, Danyon Hati scored.  However, man of the Match Chaz Watene, couldn’t convert. Tikipunga held on to win the match 22 – 14.

Alex Smits GM of RLN was ecstatic about the evening’s events.  “We had three great games of football tonight* and a big crowd turned out to watch.  We now have 10 Colleges that are committed to League and the standard of football is brilliant.  You can really tell that the kids are loving their league and it’s played in a fabulous spirit!  Congratulations to Kamo – it’s always great to see an upset in a final.  I wish Kamo and Boys High the best of luck as they prepare to go the NZSSSC Nationals.”

*Dargaville and Whangaroa drew 28 all in a curtain raiser match that was supposed to be the 3rd and 4th playoff – however Kaitaia College withdrew and Dargaville High took their place.

Finals Standings NABT 2014:

  1. Kamo High School
  2. Whangarei Boys High
  3. Whangaroa College
  4. Kaitaia College
  5. Tikipunga High – “Northern Swords Shield Winner”
  6. Bay of Island College
  7. Equal – Northland College – Okaihau College
  8. Brothers (Te Rangi Aniwaniwa, Taipa, Abundant Life)

Dargaville High School

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IMG_7751 IMG_7750 IMG_7749 IMG_7748The day started off well for the Hikurangi Stags as they won the Sponsored Pass Punt Kick prize of a MultiKai Cooker Jumbo donated by Doug Andrews from MultiKai Cooker.  11 Players lined up from 11 clubs to test their kicking prowess in between the 18s Final and the Premiers Final. Starting at the Dead Ball Line they Punted the Ball, where it landed they passed it and then had the opportunity to convert the ball.

Four players were successful, Daniel Fulop from the Northern Wairoa Bulls, Kyle Hool from the  Takahiwai Warriors, Sam Henry from the Horahora Broncos and Caleb Henare from the Stags, who had to convert his from a skinny 2metres in front of the Posts.

The players were then invited back at half time of the main game for a Kicking Elimination.  They were all successful from 10 metres to the left of the uprights – but when MC Mike Plant from The Hits, took the ball to 10 metres from the touch line, the first three all missed,  Caleb Henare then demonstrated how cool under pressure he is when he slotted the ball over.

Doug Andrews, owner and inventor of MultiKai Cooker is a passionate League and community man.  One of his motivations behind sponsoring Rugby League was to be able to give back to his community, “We did an online survey of what we could as a business to support League and most people said that they wanted help with raising funds and this is where the MultiKai Cooker can help.  With the use of a MultiKai Cooker clubs can raise thousands of dollars a year by doing Hangis, everyone loves a Hangi and everyone loves to support their local sports club!”  So Doug and his team got together with Rugby League Northland and come up with an idea that would not only support local league but provide some pre-match entertainment!

Don’t Be An EggDon’t Be An Egg

Rugby League Northland is proud to be leading a campaign to combat sideline abuse.  RLN in no way confesses that the campaign will provide a magical touch, the week the campaign was launched we had one match called off due to a spectator getting involved in an on field incident and another match where a player was sent off for match official abuse.

“We can’t expect that as result of one video that things will change overnight, but what we have done is we have made it a subject of conversation.  People are light hearted commenting to people, Bro you’re an egg.  Even though in most cases its done in jest, but deep down people are thinking about and talking about it.”

Since its launch the video has over 6800 views and thanks to RLN’s partnership with Speedy Signs in Whangarei, every club has received a sideline A-Frame sign –  “Don’t be an Egg.”.  The video is also being used in RLN’s Leadership through League program with secondary school students showing the video in Primary Schools and facilitating a discussion group with Primary School students.

We encourage everyone to watch the video and forward it on to as many contacts – this is an issue in all sports – not just League.  Its OK to be a passionate supporter, its ok to yell from the sideline – but it’s not ok to yell abuse and lose control!