Don’t Be An Egg

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Rugby League Northland is proud to be leading a campaign to combat sideline abuse.  RLN in no way confesses that the campaign will provide a magical touch, the week the campaign was launched we had one match called off due to a spectator getting involved in an on field incident and another match where a player was sent off for match official abuse.

“We can’t expect that as result of one video that things will change overnight, but what we have done is we have made it a subject of conversation.  People are light hearted commenting to people, Bro you’re an egg.  Even though in most cases its done in jest, but deep down people are thinking about and talking about it.”

Since its launch the video has over 6800 views and thanks to RLN’s partnership with Speedy Signs in Whangarei, every club has received a sideline A-Frame sign –  “Don’t be an Egg.”.  The video is also being used in RLN’s Leadership through League program with secondary school students showing the video in Primary Schools and facilitating a discussion group with Primary School students.

We encourage everyone to watch the video and forward it on to as many contacts – this is an issue in all sports – not just League.  Its OK to be a passionate supporter, its ok to yell from the sideline – but it’s not ok to yell abuse and lose control!

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