Gallery,News Photographs from RLN MultiKai Cooker Grand Finals – 9th August 2014

Photographs from RLN MultiKai Cooker Grand Finals – 9th August 2014

Photographs from RLN MultiKai Cooker Grand Finals – 9th August 2014 post thumbnail image

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A Surprise Visit for our Tamariki at PamapuriaA Surprise Visit for our Tamariki at Pamapuria

Paparangi with Kevin LockeIt was great to see the smiles and excitement on the faces of Pamapuria Primary School students on Wednesday 19th March when they had a day out with two inspiring role models, Nesian Mystics, Te Awanui Reeder and Rugby Leagues very own Kevin Locke from the New Zealand Warriors.

Pushing the game of Rugby League in his school, Principal Rikki Horlock, had seen what the kids needed and wasn’t short of giving it to them. Rikki has implemented a new scheme in the school and a new programme called the V.I.P project (Various Inspirational People) which involves getting inspirational role models in to his school to help uplift the kids and give them a sense of direction for life and dreams they may have. The overall outcome is that if they want it, to go and get it, because it is possible and these are the people who can show it.

A fun felt day spent with Kevin Locke had the kids screaming to put a football in to their hands and get out on the field. Kevin ran through his history in Rugby League from playing Footy as a child right through to spending 7 years in the Warriors. He told the kids he plans to move on to building after his League career comes to an end and hopes to get his own business on the upright. Currently studying business, Kevin Locke is truly skilful both on and off the field. After a long day sharing stories, kicking and passing the footy field with Kevin, the students of Pamapuria Primary School surely have dreams set to be Rugby League stars and Rugby League Northland are happy to be a part of this event.

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