Northern Swords Premiers v Carter Holt Raiders

Northern Swords Premiers v Carter Holt Raiders post thumbnail image

Photographs and video of trophy presentation of Northern Swords Premiers playing Carter Holt Raiders at Bluegoose on Saturday 7 September 2013.

Click here to see video of the trophy presentation and after match speeches.

IMG_9002 IMG_9001 IMG_9000 IMG_8999 IMG_8998 IMG_8997 IMG_8996 IMG_8993 IMG_8988 IMG_8987 IMG_8986 IMG_8983 IMG_8982 IMG_8981 IMG_8979 IMG_8974 IMG_8973 IMG_8972 IMG_8971 IMG_8970 IMG_8968 IMG_8967 IMG_8965 IMG_8961 IMG_8959 IMG_8958 IMG_8957 IMG_8949 IMG_8947 IMG_8938 IMG_8935 IMG_8934 IMG_8931 IMG_8930 IMG_8929 IMG_8926 IMG_8922 IMG_8920 IMG_8918 IMG_8916 IMG_8907 IMG_8905 IMG_8901 IMG_8900 IMG_8897 IMG_8894 IMG_8893 IMG_8892 IMG_8890 IMG_8889 IMG_8888 IMG_8887 IMG_8886 IMG_8885 IMG_8884 IMG_8882 IMG_8881 IMG_8880 IMG_8879 IMG_8878 IMG_8877 IMG_8876 IMG_8875 IMG_8874 IMG_8873 IMG_8872 IMG_8871 IMG_8869 IMG_8868 IMG_8866 IMG_8865 IMG_8864 IMG_8863 IMG_8862 IMG_8861 IMG_8859 IMG_8854 IMG_8853 IMG_8849 IMG_8846 IMG_8843 IMG_8840 IMG_8836 IMG_8834 IMG_8833 IMG_8832 IMG_8831 IMG_8830 IMG_8826 IMG_8825 IMG_8819 IMG_8818 IMG_8812 IMG_8811 IMG_8810 IMG_8807 IMG_8806 IMG_8802 IMG_8799 IMG_8798 IMG_8797 IMG_8792 IMG_8791 IMG_8789 IMG_8788 IMG_8783 IMG_8782 Final Score - Northern Swords 42 v Carter Holt Raiders 18

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