Kaitaia College at National Secondary School Comp

Kaitaia College at National Secondary School Comp post thumbnail image

Photographs of Kaitaia College playing Aranui High at the National Secondary School Competition, Bruce Pullman Park, Papakura on Friday 6 September 2013.

Congratulations to the following players.

It’s Not Okay Fairplay Award Developing Grade: Kauri Harema, Whangarei Boys High School

It’s Not Okay Fairplay Award Premier Grade: Taylor Waenga, Kaitaia College

Watties MVP award: James Dean Fisher-Harris, Whangarei Boys High School

National Secondary Schools Rugby League - Day 1, 2 September 2013


This one Kaitaia College v Akarua - Final Score Kaitaia College post-game 10 Kaitaia College post-game 9 Kaitaia College post-game 8 Kaitaia College post-game 7 Kaitaia College post-game 6 Kaitaia College post-game 5 Kaitaia College post-game 4 Kaitaia College post-game 3 Kaitaia College post-game 2 Kaitaia College post-game 1 IMG_5796 IMG_5791 IMG_5790 IMG_5788 IMG_5785 IMG_5782 IMG_5781 IMG_5779 IMG_5777 IMG_5776 IMG_5775 IMG_5774 IMG_5772 IMG_5771 IMG_5770 IMG_5769 IMG_5766 IMG_5761 IMG_5759 IMG_5757 IMG_5756 IMG_5755 IMG_5754 IMG_5753 IMG_5742 IMG_5740 IMG_5737 IMG_5735 IMG_5731 IMG_5718 IMG_5716 IMG_5715 IMG_5714 IMG_5708 IMG_5707 IMG_5705 IMG_5704 IMG_5696 IMG_5689 IMG_5688 IMG_5687 IMG_5686 IMG_5685 IMG_5684 IMG_5683 IMG_5681 IMG_5680 IMG_5679 IMG_5677 IMG_5676 IMG_5673 IMG_5672 IMG_5671 IMG_5670

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