Gallery 18s Sam McKendry Shield – Muriwhenua v Marist Brothers

18s Sam McKendry Shield – Muriwhenua v Marist Brothers

18s Sam McKendry Shield – Muriwhenua v Marist Brothers post thumbnail image

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The Leadership through League programme continues RLN’s strategic plan, embracing our Mantra ”More than just a game.”  Based on the maori philosophy of Tuakana Teina of older sibling teaching younger sibling, students use Rugby League as a vehicle to learn about coaching and leadership, who in turn, coach Primary School students, in their community.  In total we have qualified 159 coaches from 11 Colleges, who in turn have coached over 2,996 Primary School kids in 41 Primary Schools across Northland.

On the back of Leadership through League – RLN has developed a school calendar where every school in Northland now has an opportunity to play League at a festival!

Other school programs included the NorthTec Adam Blair Trophy (NABT) our College Program. We had an increase from 8 Colleges to 10 Colleges in 2014. The NABT continues to be a highlight on the Northland College Program and testament to the competition was our finals night at Hikurangi, with a huge crowd flocking to see Kamo High School take out the trophy for their first time.

Testament to the quality of the competition was the NABT XIII’s (our Secondary School Representative Team) narrow loss to a Warriors Development Team 42 – 28 after leading for a good portion of the game.

We also had 10 Colleges play in the Year 9 and 10 Nine-a-Side Challenge Shield, with Whangarei Boys High School winning the title.

For the first time ever RLN hosted Lightning League for College Girls, where Okaihau College took out the title from four other colleges.

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